Some Knowledge about LED Lights

Factors reduce the life of the LED energy-saving lamps

First, the voltage is unstable.
Second, the short circuit of a component in the line or the printed lines or other conductors will result in the partial short circuit of the LED power supply passage.
Third, a damaged dimmable led light bulb causes resulting in a short circuit will cause the associated LED lamp life reduce.
Fourth, improper lighting, or the temperature of lighting is too high.
Fifth, the light is used in the outdoor, or the bathroom, and there is water in the lamp, the water is conductive.
Sixth, the work of anti-static is not prepared well in the assembly and the internal LED has obtained the electrostatic hurt.

The pollution of LED light

At present, there is not a clear definition about the domestic and light pollution. Now it is generally believed that light pollution refers to a variety of lights which have the impact on the natural environment, and bring adversely affect the normal human life, work, rest and entertainment, undermine the ability of the people to look at an object, cause human discomfort and damage to human health. We generally divide the LED display light pollution into three categories, namely white light pollution, artificial daylight and phototherapy pollution. Energy conservation is the conservation of material resources and energy resources, reducing waste and environmentally harmful emissions, strengthen management of energy, and take technically feasible and economically reasonable and can withstand environmental and social measures, from energy production to consumption links, and lower consumption, reduce losses and pollutant emissions to stop the waste, effective and rational use of energy.

Choose the lamp according to appearance

First, led light bulb manufacturer have check whether the combination of the lamp (whether tight of iron or copper, aluminum) and plastic parts are tighten.
Second, and then check whether the lamp and the plastic parts of the shell is solid combination.
Third, check whether the card bit of on-shell plastic parts under the shell plastic parts are tightened, whether they can be out of each other at a high temperature.
Fourth, whether the skeleton, circuit board takes the use of fire-retardant materials in the electronic ballast circuit.
Fifth, the appropriate insurance element or fuse has to be used in the electronic circuits.

The development direction of LED industry

First, LED luminous efficiency will become increasingly high and power will be getting smaller and smaller. The related experts predict that its power will be less than 10W in the future with the efficiency of LED energy-saving lamps light continues to be improved.
Second, the size of LED energy-saving lamps will become smaller and smaller, and the size of all products have trends of small.
Third, with the development of science and technology, the color temperature and the brightness of LED energy-saving lamps can be adjusted. holds the design concept of high-effective, energy-saving, and environment-friendly. Basing on professional technology, advanced design concept and excellent staffs, we constinously develop and create high-effective, energy-saving LED application products, such as LED Par, LED strips light, LED light controller, LED power supply and so on, in order to advance with times.

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